&nbsp Long Way To go is the debut single of DJ Linuxis which will be featured on his debut album due for release in 2012. Quite Frank of PinkSlip Records is featured on the Official Remix, replacing linuxis first verse with his own.


During the time that linuxis was still remixing for his Youtube channel when a freind from Facebook asked him to join his label. Linuxis was unsure at first but then due to a lot of convincing he finaly joined RoseRecords2011 and with that he began producing and writing his debut single. during the early stages he got stuck and cunsulted with his manager and after the one lyrics called long way to go, he finished it and premierd it on his youtube channel before it's Youtube release. It is currently released on Itunes, Tesco, Bandcamp, Spotify, Zune and Amazon


To commerate the release two remix e.p.s have been commisoned, one was released the same year as the song the other is still being prepared for release.

  • Zelcro Remix.